New jargon, same problem.

Jargon, eh?  The language of dynamite go getters who know so much about whatever subject they’re whittering on about, you’d have no chance of understanding them unless you were “in the loop” or “singing from the same hymn sheet” or “bunjying from the same chord” or whatever (Ok, we made that last one up…we hope).  Worse still, were the unintelligible acronyms and initials that everyone was supposed to intuitively know and snap their fingers enthusiastically at the very mention.

Its intention was to make the purveyor of said phrases appear intelligent, informed, dynamic and powerful.  What it did was the opposite, it made/makes people look ridiculous and, frankly, rather old fashioned.  Who hasn’t at some point played Boardroom Bingo (rules here for those who haven’t)? The point is, people started to realise the need for genuine communication.  Finally plain English in business was being rewarded! But can we breathe a sigh of relief?  No, we can’t because this is now happening.

For some reason marketing people have decided that we’re all idiots who like to be baby talked at.  A friendly and personable style is great, but who really wants to be patted on the head and spoken to like a child?  I don’t.  Will the next game be boardroom baby talk?  And honestly, Social Media Ninja might sound like a great and quirky job for the recent graduate, but like a bad tattoo in an inappropriate place, who’s going to want that on their CV in 20 years time?

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