Google Doodle

Google Doodles are great aren’t they?  We’ve always found them pretty exciting (that perhaps says rather more about us than anyone else, of course), but going to Google on a special day and seeing a visual treat tickles our delight.  Even better was finding out a special day we didn’t even know about – an inventor’s birthday, for example.  Clicking through and thinking “what’s all this about then?” and finding out that it was Charles Addams 100th birthday  got us all reminiscing about how much we’d loved The Addams Family.  So just imagine our excitement when they started getting animated, step forward Robert Moog and claim your prize for inspiring a wonderful Google Doodle (not to mention creating the original) 

So just imagine our excitement when thisthis, this  and this happened – The Google Doodle Olympics.  Now, not only could we play games all day, we managed to do it under the flimsy guise of a social media experiment.  Lo and behold, as we started posting our scores we started to get feedback on what everyone else was doing.  I should point out, that Matt managed to slam everyone in almost all of the games, proving that that week he worked harder than anyone else (what a star).  What was interesting was the level of engagement people suddenly had.  Something so simple seemed to have people going nuts for it.  We even read reports of people writing code to improve their scores (again I should point out, Matt also managed to break these scores using no code, the man has fingers like lightening).  The other interesting thing was that Google had decided against posting leader boards, from a purely social point of view, this one simple move ensured people were talking about it within their own circles and getting involved that way.

So this is a little post to say  thanks Google.  Google Doodles are ace and they just keep getting better.  The changes in them are also helping to show ways of engaging people, helping people to chat to each other and making Matt look like an amazing sportsman.

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