Retro Social Media

Here at TEA, we work in a magical little office known as coFWD; an office which thrives on coworking, helping each other out, whilst running our own businesses.  Sometimes it can be hard to step out of your own work space and listen and see what other people are doing, and this is one of the reasons we’re so lucky to have our coworking space.

One of the wonderful things about talking to other businesses on a daily basis is that you find out how they do what they do; in our case Social Media.  It really is a great way to keep on your toes.  For example, coFWD’s Founder mentioned that he does not consider Social Media to be a phrase we should ever use; he thinks it’s distrusted, and therefore, perhaps we should avoid it where we can.  Now this is a man who knows about business, perception and being creative.  This sort of advice is invaluable, how would we have known if we hadn’t been told in an informal and friendly way, that there is a perception that the phrase Social Media is not to be trusted?

The point, here, is to listen to and speak to as many people as you can both formally and informally.  Don’t forget, “Social Media” started with networking, which started with a chat.  If the idea of using all the technologies now available is just too daunting, go retro! Having a conversation is nothing more than real life social media (or whatever phrase you’re most comfortable with)

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