Social Media

Using social media is a way to make, listen to or join in with conversations from any point on the globe, 24-hours per day. It is a way to reach a crowd wherever they are and whatever they are doing and can increase awareness of your brand or campaign by building and enthusing an audience.

Reputation building

Your online voice needs to be approachable and human to have any decent effect, as the value of social media for a brand is not in advertising, but in peer recommendation. This allows users to influence their friends or followers and it’s here where reputations can be made or broken. If you really want to squeeze the best out of social media, you need to keep track of what is being said about you, and join the conversation. This way you’ll to get to know more about your customers and be able to sell to them efficiently.

Continue the conversation

Through years of experience in the parallel worlds of social media and internet moderation, our team has developed a mind-set that is different from other social media companies. We understand not only how to make conversations start, but also how conversations can continue and grow. We’ve seen online conversations that have lasted for years – even longer than the existence of Twitter or Facebook. We have been involved in shaping those conversations at the needs of our clients – allowing some to expand into tangents and ensuring others are kept on a narrower track. Further to this, our knowledge of legal issues surrounding user-generated content is extensive (see our moderation page) and sets us apart from other social media companies.

To chat to us more about how we can help you get the best out of social media, email and we’ll stick the kettle on.